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listing placed 28 January 2024 United Kingdom

Ignition modules for Rotax 912 series engines

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2023 price held £200.00 each inc wires.

Ignitech ignition modules for Rotax 912 series engines

Over the last few years we have sold over 650 Ignitech ignition modules which are fitted to a wide range of aircraft. Ten aircraft at the airfield where I fly now use them.

For 3-axis aircraft we can supply CNC alloy mounts that hold the modules either side-by-side or piggy-back. We also supply alloy and stainless steel closure plates (with high temp grommets) to cover any holes you may need to make through firewalls.

For Pegasus trikes we can supply a mount to hold the modules to the base tube of the trike. Other trikes - eg Blade and Tanarg - can have the modules held by simple alloy mounts.


These Ignition Modules are made by Ignitech. They are supplied with much longer connecting wires than the originals so that the modules can be mounted away from the engine, away from excessive heat and vibration.

A Skyranger that I regularly train on has been using them since July 2018 and has BMAA approval for either 1 or 2 Ignitech modules. Our GT450 has been using them since early 2020.

Future BMAA and LAA approvals can be based on our aircraft which means no flight testing is required.

The units can be supplied with 6+6 plugs, 4+6+1 plugs or 4+single plugs to match the wiring on your engine.

At the moment I can hold at 2023 prices until we restock, which is £200 each module including wires, plus P+P. That is about 20% of the cost of Rotax SMDs. Instructions and wiring diagrams are included. UK stock.

For further details please contact Andy Buchan, Light Flight.
07850 942096 / 01460 281534

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