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Rotax points-ignition-energy-source generator coil United Kingdom

£15 delivered.

This is a used coil taken from a 380 hrs 503 fitted with an A-Box, which had an intermittent mis-fire problem.

The engine was taken out of the aircraft, and in my opinion the most likely reason for the mis-fire was a (permanently) high resistance metal plug-cap (>300 kOhm instead of the correct 1 kOhm). This coil, the points and the condensers were all replaced along with a re-bore and two ridiculously expensive but necessary Rotax pistons.

These coils are not cheap. What do I do with it? At my age I'm unlikely to ever need it as a spare. So is it the big round filing cabinet or do I offer it for sale?

The resistance of the coil at abt 12 C is 3.31 Ohms, and following my last bake of a shop-bought pizza the resistance when it was too hot to hold was abt 4.2 Ohms.

There was no measurable continuity between the coil and its core with a multimeter (>20 MOhms) when cold or when hot.

Sold my megger at the last boot-sale (remember those?), but on applying 500 Volts between the coil and its core (cold) there was no measurable current, see pics.

Do you feel lucky?

If so, pse phone OxIx6x2x3 3x9xIxOx8x3 pse phone, don't use any form of text - doesn't work.

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