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listing placed 05 June 2020 United Kingdom

Skyranger Swift 2 912S Part built kit. SOLD

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Skyranger Swift 2 9 £34,000 inc VAT


Due to the social distancing regulations the build of the BMAA New Horizons project at Aston, Birmingham, has had to stop for the foreseeable future. Rather than leave the aircraft unfinished the BMAA has decided to sell the partly built project so that it might be flown this year. The build is well under way with the airframe complete, the engine fitted and now some fairing and instrument panel and cockpit work to complete. The contents of the kit as supplied is listed below.

If you are interested in purchasing this aircraft please email me with a contact telephone number to discuss.

This Aircraft is a Swift 2 Kit number 1120 and was supplied with the following components
1 Baggage hammock
2b Two piece door
3b 60 litre tank
4a Aileron cable connection handed ends
7b Nynja type CKT exhaust
8 Cabin heat option
9b Tear drop spats
10 Wing tip fairings standard
13 Xlam fabric
14 Short wing (Swift)
15 Aerofoil jury struts
16 Extended roof batten
17 Transverse fuselage batten
18 Sprung door latches
21 Centre console
22 Nynja type wing root fairings
24 Consolidated pulley block
28 Console instrument panel
29 Fuel tank pickup fitting
30 Nynja type control stick and integrated elevator horn / joiner
31 Nynja two piece door fixing / hinge method
34 Nynja spec SKR.9 main cross member
35 Nynja type SKR.34 front door pillar, door system and throttle control
36 Deletion of ventral fin and incorporation of Nynja Fin extension fairing (large)
37 Nynja spec front gear
42b Rotax medium oil cooler
44 Fuel tank vents linked together
45 Cabin heater bypass valve of stainless steel
46 Large trim tab
SCI 0-160MPH
SCI 0-10000 feet
SCI +/- 2000 FPM
Mingda CM24
SCI MR2-70 0-7000RPM
SCI MP3-10B 0-10Bar
SCI MT2-15C 0-lS0C
Oil P
Coolant T

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