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listing placed 03 December 2020 United Kingdom

Sky Ranger Classic 912 80HP 1/6 share East Kent based

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Sky Ranger Classic 9 £3000

I am looking to form a Sky Ranger Classic 912 80hp syndicate of 6 members in East Kent. The aircraft, G-CEHD, was previously owned outright by myself for 5 fantastic years. I sold it to an instructor, Richard Highton, at my old field of Plaistows Farm St Albans when I moved down to Kent, as at the time I had a rather whopping tax bill (the joy of being freelance!). He has maintained it well and now only wants to sell it as he has now qualified on fixed wing (he saw the light!!) and is now about to start instructing on school Sky Rangers, which will also means he will be able to use school planes for pleasure and thus making G-CEHD surplus to requirements.
G-CEHD was built in 2006. First flew 2007. It will be freshly permitted and serviced. Airframe is approximately 350 hrs. Engine 1600hrs. It has good T & P's and pulls like a train (these hours could be over estimated, as the engine came from a crashed flex wing. Yes, it was shock-load tested, by Chris Theakston of CT Aviation). The previous owner was not a great stickler for paperwork, so I (possibly regretfully) over estimated the hours at the time of fitting it. The XLAM skins are good and have passed every Betts test so far, but eventually they will need replacing. MicroAvionics / Trig 8.33 radio.
I’m new to the syndicate thing, but am actually more interested in this than owning outright, as though I enjoy solo time, duel flying and sharing the responsibilities and experience really appeals to me, especially with a good fun bunch. I have approximately 200hrs, so am pretty novice, but did get my license at and continue to fly from Plaistows, which is quite tricky I am told.
Currently, I have no hangarage in East Kent, so would be looking to find a home for the old girl (and the plane!) that is secure and nice and dry. If you have any ideas please let me know, even if you are not interested in the syndicate. I am looking at the possibility of hangarage at Harringe Farm or Hamilton Farm. However, I’m very open to looking at other airfields with hanger space or space to build one near to East Kent/Hythe
A 1/6 share will cost £3000 (Total purchase price £18000). I then estimate a monthly cost of approx £45/head to cover servicing/permit renewal and hangarage, with some left in the kitty for other running costs. Fuel is up to you, but you are looking at a burn of around 12ltrs/hour. I currently have 3 interested parties, including myself, there are 3 shares available.
I am keen to continue flying a decent 912 Sky Ranger and need to be able to do it in a safe and affordable manor, so if this appeals to you too, do get in touch to discuss further/arrange viewing etc.
Andy Martin

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