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listing placed 15 December 2020 United Kingdom

Hanarage Available North Herts

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£170 pcm

Hangar space available for a tri gear light aircraft with a wing span of 26 ft or less. It is on a hydraulic lift in a hangar at Graveley. The strip is 500m long and well kept. The lift was used for ten years for my Alpi Pioneer (see pic) but the plane is now (sadly) sold and the ramp is available for someone else to use.
Graveley is marked as a microlight strip on the air map, but there are seven light aircraft based here, including a Maule and a Chipmunk. The space is ideally suited to a small(ish) STOL aircraft with tricycle u/c, such as an RV A or 3 axis micrloight. It cannot take a larger aircraft than 26ft span as it would interfere with the hangar doors. Ideally the aircraft owned by an individual rather than a syndicate.
The advantage of keeping an aircraft on the ramp is that you are close to the door, and only have to move one other aircraft to get yours out. It also keeps it up out of the way of potential hangar rash. Thirdly it's great if you want to work on/clean the underside, as the lift can be stopped in any position.
Graveley is just one mile off J8 A1(M) near Stevenage, or 25 miles north of London

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