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listing placed 16 November 2020 United Kingdom

FLYTEC 5070 VARIOMETER Paragliding/Hanggliding

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Condition is "Used". For Sale at £300, Shops sell for £470.
The Flytec 5030 is a high specification flight instrument with altimeter, variometer, integrated 16 channel GPS receiver and a built-in internal antenna.

The Flytec 5030 is equivalent to the Brauniger Compeo.

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Flight instrument with integrated 16 channel GPS receiver w/internal antenna.
Large, high contrast, graphic LCD display (2-3/8" x 3-1/8") resolution of 320 x 240 pixels
Ergonomic two tone keypad with easy menu structure
Two event driven soft keys are allow access to important functions performed without navigating through different menus
Audio functions are adjustable over a wide range and can be set to automatically increase with speed.
Up to 200 waypoints can be defined.
Up to 20 routes, each with 30 waypoints can be stored
Automatic pilot notification, when an FAI cylinder is passed (enter or exit)
Automatic indication to the last best lift
Automatic start and stop of data logging
Up to 96 hours of FAI/IGC data logging memory
Scan rate increasing automatically near FAI-sector/turn point with acoustic and visual notification
Scan rates can be adjusted from 1 to 60s for off-sector/turnpoint flying
Each track log point records: longitude, latitude, altitude (pressure + GPS based), true airspeed, speed over the ground, wind direction, event marker
Allows for input of official observer identification which locks the FAI part of the logging until landing.
2 different speed sensors may be used: integrated pitot tube or optional external vane type for paragliding
Total energy compensation (TEC)
All user settings can be set using the keypad
McCready and glide path features
The integrated final glide computer allows a guided flight to all memorized waypoints, showing the expected height over target and height above best glide
The display offers different analog and digital information that the pilot can adjust to his/her own preferences
Twelve user selectable fields, including:
Wind speed
Wind direction
Time of day
Flight time
Speed over ground
Diff. speed between TAS and groundspeed
Altitude over destination
Distance to destination
Direction to best climb in vicinity
Ambient temperature
Altimeter 2 (relative)
Altimeter 3 (cumulated altitude)
Barometric pressure (HPa/in Hg)
Glide ratio (through air, over ground, to waypoint)
Simulation mode where all features can be tested and simulated
Display of current voltage and remaining battery time
Internal NiMh battery provides more than 25 hours of use with the GPS receiver set to a 1 second update rate (longer update rates will increase usable operating time). Battery is quick charge types without memory effect and can be charged from a AC power outlet or directly from a car cigarette lighter
ABS housing, aerodynamic with soft edges
Dimension: 18 x 10 x 4.5 cm (7 x 3-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches)
Weight: 425 gr (15 oz) without mount
Battery charger 120V + 220V charger
Carry bag
Internal NiMH battery
Mounting brackets for round down tubes & aerofoil downtubes.

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