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listing placed 03 October 2022 Ireland

Just Aircraft Super STOL Kit

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Super STOL Call for pricing

Super STOL / Super STOL XL Kit

Super STOL Firewall Back
(excludes Engine, Inst. Panel & Paint)

Exceptional Short Take Off & Landing Capabilities

Matco hydraulic disc toe brakes
Elevator with manual trim & linkage
Push button flap handle
Streamline struts
Seat Harnesses
Aluminum turtledeck
Fabric & fabric adhesive
Structural adhesive
Embroidered seat cushions.
Upgraded E Series Matco
Wheels and Brakes
Large Elevator/Rudder Combination (Balanced)
Gull Style Doors/Windows
Slatted Wing Flaps and Ailerons
(includes 13.5 gallon tanks)
Shock Absorber landing Gear Includes 21″ Tires & Extreme Brakes (Dual Caliper)
Slatted Wings - Auto deployed via Angle of Attack & Air Speed
Fowler Flaps
Fly Low & Slow for maximum Fun!
Kit includes everything to build your aircraft excluding Engine, Instrument Panel and Paint.
Easy to build.
No specialist tools required.
Multiple Engine Options available including ROTAX 912, 914, EP ROTAX, Titan and more.

Land at the Beach, on a Mountain Top, a Farm Paddock.

Runways Optional, Fun Guaranteed!

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